Rugged in build, our HS snow clearing and grading blades are perfect not only for clearing driveways, walkways and parking lots from moderate levels of snow but also for grading sand, soil and gravel. The optional rubber edge reduces wear and noise.

Attachment options

  • 3-point, cat. 2
  • A-frame

Standard specification

  • Hydraulic side adjustment by two rams, double pressure relief valve protected
  • Adjustable overload trip mechanism
  • Four return springs
  • Height-adjustable skid shoes
  • High-performance edge made from hard-wearing special steel; recessed bolts
  • Sturdy bumper guard fixed to the cutting edge
  • Warning flags
  • Short oil hoses with couplings


  • Steplessly height-adjustable super elastic wheels (on 2400mm+ blades)
  • GU 200 /40 rubber fabric edge
  • Snow clearing rubber edge
  • 140mm blade extension
  • Lockable pendulum compensation
  • LED side lights
  • 2 extra oil lines to the rear couplers

Adjustable trip mechanism

When the cutting edge hits an obstacle such as a gully, the overload mechanism trips and the blade moves up. At the same time its base moves to the rear, floating over the obstacle. Return springs return the blade into working position after the tractor has been halted or the blade raised. The tripping force is set steplessly to suit individual snow and ground conditions and the application at hand.