The variable VS-L snow plough is the universal plough for professional winter service applications. The VS-L is the specialist for snow removal in streets lined with gates and on public squares. The two blades move independently and can push snow in a Y position without throwing the material to the sides. The Comfort or Professional control system allows operators to move the implement into ploughing position quickly and easily. The pressure springs that trip only the cutting edge adjust to one of two suspension pressures.

Attachment options

  • HAUER, EURO 3/5 or VSS-A or VSS-B coupling plate
  • Three-point cat. 2
  • Height-control carriage for compact skid-steers

Standard specification

  • Two-/three-piece snow plough with flared blades
  • Hydraulic blade control from a regular hydr. system (2 da spools)
  • Hydr. protection by pressure control valves and accumulator
  • Lift and press feature with adjustable top link (not for 3-point attachment)
  • Pressure spring protection, 2 pressure levels
  • Height-adjustable skid shoes
  • Lockable pendulum compensation
  • Bolted and hard-wearing cutting edges made from tempered high-performance steel (450 HB)
  • Hydraulic angling ready
  • Automatic levelling function (coupling plate only)
  • Massive side deflectors (replaceable)
  • Warning flags
  • LED side lights
  • Short oil hoses with couplings


  • Steplessly height-adjustable super elastic wheels
  • Steplessly height-adjustable skid shoes
  • Snow clearing rubber edge
  • Hydraulic blade control system incl. Comfort control box for independent blade control (requires only 1 da spool)
  • Hydraulic blade control system incl. Professional control box for individual blade control in opposite direction – ploughing function (requires only 1 da spool)
  • GU 200 /40 rubber fabric edge
  • Küper FK-S edge
  • Hydraulic 14°/14° left/right angling