Bild: XB Bionic

XB Bionic

Hauer front loaders are used for many applications. Therefore, it is crucial to equip a front loader as universally as possible according to their needs. For this reason, Hauer offers a variety of accessories for its front loaders, such as hydraulic selection valves for operating implements, an SMS shock absorption system for cushion loads or else a safety package for the use of the working platform.

Selection valve

For easy operation of hydraulic implements

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Protected by the crossbeam, the "MCV" valve system can be modularly extended by up to 4 additional hydraulic functions. Bale grippers, holding down devices or the log grapple with rotator can be operated on this way.
The Synchro-Lock or the hydraulic standard couplings are easily accessible on the left side of the quick coupler.

SMS shock absorption system

The SMS shock absorption system increases driving comfort and protect the front loader and the tractor.

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The shock absorption system "SMS" reduces impacts that occur when driving on uneven terrain. It spares front loader, tractor and the driver.
On the XB Bionic the SMS system is available mechanically or optionally electrically switchable.
It consists out of nitrogen filled accumulators that are subjected to a pre-set pressure to reduce shocks.

Load hook

Stable load hook for easy pick-up and transport of e.g. Big Bags.

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Easy refitting

The preparation for mounting the load hook on the quick change assembly of the front loader, is avaible as a standard feature of XB Bionic. Therefore the load hook can be easily refitted with a fastening bolt and a locking pin on the front loader XB Bionic.
With the front loader series POM-R this preparation is not included as a standard. However, there is a complete solution with which the load hook including the mounting fixture can be refitted.

The swivel hook has a swivel range of 360° (endless).


Mechanical control valve with bowden cables.

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Professional and economical loading is an important cost factor. Five functions are available by one hand movement and can be merged if required. Additionally, you can equip the joystick handle with 3 micro switches.
The mechanical control valve can be mounted under the tractor cabin or on the bracket, depending on the available space. It is controlled by bowden cables from the joystick.

Electrical control valve with sensitive response characteristics for professionals.

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Sensitive response characteristics, simple handling and professional equipment are particular strengths of the electro-proportional control unit „ELC ergo“. The „ergo joystick“ is a perfect combination of compact design and ergonomic construction. Based on the extensive serial equipment there are no limits for additional functions. Additional hydraulic valves for grippers or holding down devices and other comfortable functions, as the roll-back function for the implement and the front loader shock absorption system can be controlled by the joystick.
The shaking function for the implement is serially integrated on the “ELC-ergo”. On request, there is an adjustable arm rest for optimal positioning available for standard tractor seats.

Standard features:

  • lifting / lowering
  • tilting / retracting
  • P0: ON / OFF button on joystick with control-LED (L0)
  • P1: floating position by button (P1) and control-LED (L1)
  • P2: roll-back – function (shovel return) *
  • P3: 1st hydraulic additional function with button* (f. gripper, holding down device, tongs, etc.)
  • P4: 2nd hydraulic additional function* (f. gripper, holding down device, tongs, etc.)
  • P5: shaking function for implement
  • P6: 3rd hydraulic additional functions* (electr. front loader shock absorption)

For operating additional functions, valves or sensors from the accessory program are necessary.

The „ergo-joystick“ is serially equipped with all switches, buttons and control-LEDs.

For refitting optional functions, rebuilding of the handle is not necessary.

Hydraulic locking device

With a push of a button, the implements change hydraulically.

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The hydraulic locking device is available for safety reasons only with two-handed operation. It is also available as a retrofit kit.
The locking cylinder is installed well protected by a cover.

An additional hydraulic function is required for operation.

Hydraulic rotating mechanism

Quick change assembly rotatable by 14 ° left and right.

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With the hydraulic rotating mechanism integrated in the quick-change assembly, the implement can be tilted 14 ° left and 14 ° right.
Application example: the vehicle drives with two wheels on a sidewalk.

Also available in combination with hydraulic SWE locking!

Additional lines

Additional lines with connection to the rear control units for a maximum oil flow.

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 Because some attachments, such as a sweeper with a hydraulic motor, which requires a large amount of oil, Hauer offers additional lines for the XB Bionic front loader series. The additional lines are directly connected to the rear control units and run either on the left side of the loader under a cover or on the right side of the swingarm.

Mirror package

For safe entry into intersections.

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To make driving with a front loader even safer in traffic, Hauer offers a mirror package which is mounted on the cross beam. Thus, an intersection can be viewed without having to retract into it. It consists out of two mirrors which are mounted on a telescopic tube to be individually adapted to each tractor.

Safety package

For safe use of the working platform.

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The safety package consists out of two stopcocks for mounting in the tilting line and two stopcocks with throttle hole for mounting in the lifting line to reduce the lifting and lowering speed to 0,4 m / s.

The complete unit "tractor-front loader-working platform" has to be certified from a certifying organisation specified by local authorities again after mounting! Please consider, the local rules for the use and certification of the working platform.

Forestry protection plate

For increased protection of the valve assembly in forestry.

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The forest protection plate consists out of a thick-walled sheet metal, which is mounted on the back of the cross beam. It has three reinforcing ribs for maximum stability and durability.

Implement assistent

For quick and easy connection of implements.

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SMS quick change frame

For connecting implements with SMS attachment to a Hauer front loader.

EURO-SMS quick change frame

Combined quick-change assembly for connecting work implements with EURO or SMS attachment.

EURO-MX quick change frame

Combined quick-change assembly for connecting implements with EURO or MX attachment.

Multi-hose coupler - Synchro Lock

Quick and easy coupling of hydraulic and electrical connections.

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Maximum comfort is provided by the Hauer Synchro-Lock multi-hose-couplers. All hydraulic lines and the electrical connection of the front loader can be coupled with just one hand with the Synchro-Lock.
These multi-hose-couplers can also be used on the implements and not only on the front loader. A particular advantage of the Synchro-Lock is, that the hydraulic connections can also be coupled under pressure.