Log Grapple - HZ-230

The boom is manufactured with a stable box-type housing. On the bottom side of the boom there is a serrated edge that fixes the logs and ensures safe handling. The high-quality endless rotator is connected with a large dimensioned universal joint to the boom. The grapple is attached with a flanged bearing to the rotator. This enables a stable connection with low height.

The grapple is made of high-strength fine-grained steel and only bronze bushed pivot pins are used. The signal colour of the grapple enables a good visibility of every position.

Safety for road travel

For road travel the grapple can be brought into a defined transport position by fixíng it to the boom with a hook on the boom. There are no additional tools required for that. This is possible very easily by retracting and closing the grapple without leaving the tractor cab.

Strong arguments

  • Large jaw opening 1450 mm
  • High volume 0,23 m²
  • High load capacity 4 to
  • Bronze bushed pivot pins
  • Grapple in signal colour

Use with wheel and telescopic loaders

Because of higher system hydraulic pressure, a pressure relief valve for the cylinders has to be mounted. Fiiting coupling plates are available on request.